Commission Members                                        TERM EXPIRES                                                 
Elan Zingman-Leith (A) 12/31/2023  
VACANCY   (C) 12/31/2024  
Ami Menz (B) 12/31/2025  
David DeTorre (B) 12/31/2022  
Jim Barnes, Chair (C) 12/31/2025  
Barbara Tillman, Alternate I 12/31/2022  
Susan Hoffman, Alternate II 12/31/2022  
  pdf  2022 Meeting Dates
 Agendas, Minutes, Applications and HPC Map can be found in the Zoning Folder on the Document Center under the Government tab    
All Historic Preservation Commission meetings are held at 7:00pm in the Court Room at the West Cape May Municipal Building, 732 Broadway, West Cape May. 
The Borough's Zoning Official, Norm Roach, is the liaison between the public and the Historic Preservation Commission. Additional information can be found under "Zoning" on the Borough's website, or by contacting Norm Roach at (609) 884-1005 ext 105.

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